July 2, 2022

Global migration expert and WARBE Development Foundation chairman Syed Saiful Haque said that the government should immediately implement the paradigm of Prevention, protection and prosecution stipulated in the counter trafficking law to stop trafficking in the labour migration.

‘Prevention can be taken through creating awareness,’ he said, adding that migrant workers in distress should be protected and the criminals cheating migrants should be prosecuted to improve the situation of human trafficking in Bangladesh.

Saiful Haque, also co-chair of the Bangladesh Civil Society for Migration, made his observations while giving an exclusive interview with the Migration News, a specialized online news portal covering migration and development issues in Bangladesh.

He said that the government should adopt ‘code of conduct’ for the recruiting agencies that played important role in the labour migration in Bangladesh.

Referring to the US State department’s Trafficking In Person (TIP report), he said that there were some recruiting agencies often getting involved in the trafficking in persons in guise of sending workers abroad with jobs.

Saiful, also a returnee migrant turned rights activist said that Bangladesh government could forge international partnership to stop visa trading at the destinations to ensure safe migration.

He said that the visa trading should be ended immediately as it continued to increase recruitment cost for the migrant workers.

The Bangladeshi migrant workers were forced to pay the highest cost of migration in the world, he said, referring to a World Bank report.

He also said that Bangladesh government should implement its pledges to bring the middlemen under legal framework.

He also stressed the need for sending the country’s migrant workers under the Bilateral Agreements so that their rights were protected by deals.

Saiful called upon the government of Bangladesh to take steps for ratification of international laws and protocol to combat rackets of trafficking by involving the international community.

Besides, he said that proper enforcement of the Prevention and Suppression of Human Trafficking Act, 2012 was needed to bring the traffickers under punishment.

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