July 2, 2022

Many Bangladeshis Vendor Toys on Streets in Italy

Bangladeshi migrant workers face problems in getting jobs in Italy as the country is passing through economic recession.

A substantial number of Bangladeshi migrants in Italy remain undocumented as they reached the country through irregular channels, according to a migrant worker who is well-established in Italy.

Dulal Matbar,  the Bangladeshi migrant, is an employee of a shipping company based in Milan of Italy.

Recently he visited Wage Earners Welfare Board and he shared his little experience with migrationnewsbd.com at Probashi Kalyan Bhaban.

Dulal who hailed from Baufal of Patuakhali had migrated to Italy in 2002 through irregular channel by crossing different countries in Asia and Europe.

After arrival in Italy he became able to manage documents and jobs within one year.

‘But now the job opportunities in Italy are shrinking day by day for legal migrant workers due to ongoing economic recession,’ he said.

‘There is no scope of formal jobs for the migrants who have no valid work permit or document,’ he added that maximum of them do odd jobs

Dulal who returned home for a short vacation, said that huge migrant workers from the many Asian and African countries have been gathering in Italy since last few years, especially after the war of Libya.

‘Migrant workers who are desperately crossing the Mediterranean Sea to reach Italy from Libyan coast, most of them are being drawn into the water.’

‘Libya war has pushed the migrant workers to cross the sea to enter into the European countries mostly Italy.’

He observed that the number of undocumented migrant workers from Bangladesh have been increasing in Italy and most of them were found selling toy products on the streets as vendors.

The law enforcers chase the undocumented migrant workers and put them in the jails, he recalled.

There are several rackets of human traffickers who are continuously hiring the workers from Bangladesh for false jobs in Libya and then they are being sent to Italy by boats.

The rackets are taking per head Taka seven to eight lakh for Italy although it is totally a false promise.

Dulal, a mid aged successful migrant who obtained permanent resident in Italy urged the Bangladesh government to take diplomatic steps to raise issues of irregular migration to the government of Italy for a solution.

He also called upon the government of Bangladesh to make Bangladesh missions in Italy more service oriented for providing services to the migrant workers.

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