RMMRU for probe into crossfire of traffickers

Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Unit has demanded proper investigation into the crossfire of the suspected human traffickers, and called for arresting and punishing the real masterminds.

RMMRU thinks that recent cross fires may hideaway real human traffickers who are politically strong in the society.  

At least three suspected human traffickers were shot dead by police during an anti-trafficking operation on Teknaf beach in Cox’s Bazar early Friday. They were killed during an encounter when a group of alleged human traffickers were attempting to smuggle some people to Malaysia by sea, said the police.

Dr. Tasneem Siddiqui , Founding Chair of RMMRU and also Professor of Political Science at Dhaka University has expressed grave concern over recent cross fire of the human traffickers by the law enforcing agencies.

In an exclusive interview with migrationnewsbd.com recently, she said that human traffickers always remain engaged with the ruling parties to get privileges to continue evil tasks without facing problems.

 ‘We strongly urge the government to take action against real human traffickers without consideration of political identities,’ she said, adding that cross fire of suspected agents has raised doubts among countrymen.

Tasneem called for quick implementation of existing laws which have been enacted by the government to contain the human trafficking.

Asked why people taking risky sea routes, she said people, affected by the climate change from particular districts and areas, have become major victims of the sea migration.

As people do not get employment in their own lands used to be seasonal labours in neighboring areas through internal migration being often targeted by the agents of the traffickers.

She further said Rohingya people from Myanmar were also victims of illegal migration. As Rohingyas were not allowed to take refuge in Bangladesh, so they became desperate to migration taking life risks. They are used to migrate by boats from Bay of Bengal.

The well-organized rackets of human traffickers are active in the Bay of Bengal to send hundreds of people to South East Asian countries by boats.  The rackets are from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia.

Tasneem assumed that once upon a time, professional brokers would send people to Malaysia by boats to make profits and many of them have been able to reach in Malaysia.

Since last few years, the sea pirates joined with the manpower brokers and turned journeys more dangerous. They offer people free journey and later keep migrants in their hostage and demand ransomed money from their family members over mobile phones.

The incidents of killings and ransomed money began in last few years when sea pirates got involved in human trafficking promoting illegal migration, said Tasneem.

During presentation of its reports last few years, RMMRU tried to make the government aware about the illegal migration taking place.

The government was seemed to be unwilling to pay attention to take action against illegal migration, which has been going on over the years, she observed.

Now hundreds of Bangladeshis and Rohinyas became victims in sea of the South East Asian countries and Bangladesh government should immediately bring the nationals from rescued camps

Asked about suggestion, Tasneem said that an inter-states committee, comprising ministries of home, foreign and expatriates welfare, should be formed to jointly fight against human trafficking in the regional level.

Inside Bangladesh, the government must play due roles being above of political identity to take step to stop cross fire.

Migration management processing services should be run at the climate change affected areas.

Cancelling G2G agreement, the government should ask Malaysia to recruit workers legally from Bangladesh, she said.


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