Watch's irregular heart rate readings are intentional not bug, says Apple

Technology Desk: Apple has come out with a clarification that the irregular heart rate readings done by Apple's watch is not a bug but is intentional and has been designed in the latest update.

Apple watch earlier recorded heart rate every ten minutes, as advertised before launch. But the readings became more sporadic after the last week's updates and as a result, a lot of complaints were registered, the Verge reported.

An updated heart rate information page on Apple's website, first spotted by 9 to 5Mac, said that the device "attempts to measure your heart rate every 10 minutes, but won't record it when you're in motion or your arm is moving." The page was updated today, and it previously made no mention that certain movements would prevent a passive heart rate reading.

Owners started noticing a change in the frequency of heart rate recordings after updating to Watch OS 1.0.1, but the change log does not say anything about a change in passive heart rate readings.

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