Bangladeshis vulnerable in Libya

Although there is no accurate statistics of Bangladeshis in Libya, around 40,000 are staying in the North African war-torn country. Bangladeshi migrants, who work hard in risky environment, send money home to pull their families out of poverty. These poor people often have to embrace deaths. Recently four Bangladeshi nationals were killed in a gunfight between two rival groups in Benghazi of Libya on Friday. Moreover, two Bangladeshis were kidnapped from a market in the Libyan capital Tripoly on Friday morning.

Earlier, several Bangladeshis were killed by the terrorists. The Bangladesh foreign ministry has imposed restriction on labour migration to Libya due to the deterioration of security. After the fall of Libyan dictator Muammer Gaddafi in 2011, the North African country turns volatile. Now the two governments rule the country, resulting in instabilty.

Under the circumstances, it is urgent to protect Bangladeshis in Libya. If necessary, the government should evacuate Bangladeshis like it did in 2011. With the assistance of IOM, Bangladesh evacuated over 36,000 Bangladeshis from Libya.    

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