Bangladeshi workers helpless in UAE

Most of the Bangladeshi workers who work in United Arab Emirates as unskilled workers work hard but earn less, said a returned migrant worker.

‘Bangladeshi workers donot  know the language properly. They are illiterate and they remain helpless in every step. ‘ said Moradul Haq Shohag, who had returned from UAE in September 2015 after working in the country about 12 years.

Recently with an exclusive interview with, he said that all of the Bangladeshi unskilled workers go abroad with labour visas paying the highest migration cost in the world but they are earning the lowest.

‘They are used to work under supervisors who are mostly coming from India. Most of helpers in construction sector in UAE are Bangladeshis while technicians are from India,’ he said.

Shohag, now a businessman living in Kamrangirchar said that Bangladeshi helpers get wage of 1000 dirham while Indian technicians get 2000 dirham.

The technicians need to have SSC degree along with completion of three month long technical certificate courses of carpenters, mesons or yielders.

Indian workers earned the higher salaries as they have technical certificates, he said.

Besides, most of Indian supervisors favoured to employ their men and skilled Indian workers to work in big companies.

The workers from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines and African state of Ethiopia Ghana and Uganda earned in Dubai more than the Bangladeshi compatriots, he said.

All workers go to work abroad at free of cost but in Bangladesh the worker need to pay for visa very peculiar, he said.

Shohag worked in Dubai from 2003 to September of 2015 urged the government to ensure workers going abroad at lower cost.

He said that the concerned Bangladesh embassy should monitor the workplace of the workers employed in UAE. ‘Philippines embassy official regularly monitor the workplace of their workers,’ said Shohag.

As Bangladeshis repay the excessive cost, they become engaged with illegal jobs like selling vegetables on roads, filling in mobile phones and other odd jobs.

Very often the police arrest them and put in jails, he said.

Shohag who worked in the facility management unit of Power Group of Company based in Dubai, UAE from 2003 to 2015.

He said that due to diplomatic failure Bangladeshi workers were not getting jobs in UAE, which allows workers from Pakistan, India and Nepal.

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