No charge for sending remittance a govt welcoming initiative

It is no doubt a welcoming initiative of the government that has decided to help migrant workers sending their hard earned remittances back home without charging any cost. The finance minister has recently disclosed the government’s initiative to be undertaken for encouraging more inflow of remittances.

Over 10 millions of migrant workers have left Bangladesh for overseas jobs and they were sending back US $15 billion every year to boost the  foreign currency reserve. The country’ economy is vibrant only because of the remittances.

The migrant workers who were scattered in 162 countries across the world cherish dream to make their beloved homeland a rich country. So the authorities in Bangladesh should pay due respect to the migrant workers, who are the brilliant sons of the soil.

The migrant workers should get double respects for what they are not wasting the country’s resources by staying abroad and sending back valued foreign currencies.

As the government is going ahead to propose budget for the new fiscal year, it is demand of all concerned that the government must allocate sufficient amount for the migrant workers to facilitate their safe migration, enhance their skills, reintegrate the returnees and uphold their dignity in the country.

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