Should Government avoid controlling migration intermediaries?

The government can’t avoid the responsibility of regulating migration intermediaries who are apparently involved in selecting migrant workers and arranging visas and sending them abroad, in whole process of overseas recruitment.

It is true that most of the migration intermediaries cheat the migrant workers while arranging their migration. They charge high cost for migration and often offer false information about jobs and facilities at destination countries.

The female migrant workers and their rights campaigners have recently called upon the government to immediately control the middlemen to relieve the outgoing migrants from their harassment.

They also called for recruitment of workers from the government database and bringing the recruiting agencies under regulation to compel them to select workers from the master database controlled by Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training.

The ministry of expatriates welfare and overseas employment which deal the issues of migration should come forward with positive views to regulate the intermediaries.

Their activities could be brought under regulations. If the government wants to ensure benefits to the migrant workers, it should compel the recruiting agencies to select workers from BMET database.

The BMET should be keeping the master database of migrant workers updated including new spirant migrant workers. It would have use time-befitting technologies to protect interest of the migrant workers.

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