KAMPS provides free treatments to poor people marking mother language day

Kidney Awareness Monitoring and Prevention Society, a voluntary healthcare organization, has provided free treatments to poor people with necessary medicines marking the international mother language day.

Nearly 2500 poor patients received the free treatment and necessary medicines from its medical camps at Hatibandha, Shakhipur in Tangail on Wednesday, said a press release.

A team of 20 expert Physicians and Technologists, led by chief consultant of Kidney department at Lab Aid Specialised Hospital Professor Dr. MA Samad treated the helpless and poor patients of Tangail and nearby area for the day long, said that press release.

Patients received treatment in various diseases including Kidney, Heart, Liver, Guyenne, Gastro, Diabetes, ENT, medicine, skin etc while over 100 elderly poor eye patients were enrolled for free cataract surgery.

Side by side treatment the necessary lab tests of the patients like Blood Test, Urine, Crete nine, Blood Sugar, USG, ECG were done and also necessary medicines were distributed among them free of costs.

A total of 2040 patients were examined, of them 26 percent were found kidney problem, 40 percent diabetes and 31 percent were detected with high blood pressure, press release said.

As part of the day long program, a discussion meeting was held on how to prevent the kidney disease.

President of Consumers Association of Bangladesh Golam Rahman attended the discussion as chief guest with Chief Adviser of KAMPS Abdul Malek in the chair.

The cover of regular annual publication of KAMPS, brought out on the occasion of Free Medical Camp, named “Prayash-14”, was also unveiled during the discussion meeting.

Chairman of KAMPS and Chief Consultant Kidney Department, Lab Aid Specialised Hospital, Prof. Dr. MA Samad presented key note paper on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, chief guest Golam Rahman urged the affluent people of the society to come forward to patronize the initiatives, usually KAMPS undertakes in providing free healthcare among poor segment of the society.

He thanked KAMPS and its Chairman M A Samad for conducting humanitarian services through KAMPS almost round the year.

In the keynote presentation, Samad said naturally the women folks are deprived from the treatment facilities in society and families due to many reasons like their shyness, common tendency to hide diseases or illness.


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