Bangladesh Request UAE to Recruit Its General Workers

Expatriates Welfare and Overseas Employment State Minister Imran Ahman Sunday had bilateral meeting with UAE Minster of Hurnan Resources and Emiratization Saqr Ghobash in Abu Dhabi.

During the meeting, Bangladesh state minister requested the UAE government to reopen its labour market to general Bangladeshi workers, said officials.

Imran Ahmad thanked the UAE minister for extending amnesty to the persons who eventually became undocumented and giving them opportunity of seeking job and getting their renewed.

In response to the Bangladesh request, the UAE minister said that they would be more interested in recruiting skilled workers from Bangladesh and other countries.

‘The UAE already opened its market for domestic workers and was taking skilled workers like taxi drivers from Bangladesh,’ he said.

The UAE minister hoped that the opening of the UAE market would be broadened soon.

Bangladesh delegation led by Imran Ahmad is now visiting the UAE to participate the 5th Special Ministerial Consultation and Senior Officials' Meeting on 10-12 February.

He was accompanied by additional secretary Dr Ahmed Munirus Saleheen and deputy chief Shaikh Mohammad Sharif Uddin.

The bilateral meeting was attended by Bangladesh ambassador to UAE Mohammad Imran and other embassy officials.  The UAE minister was accompanied by the under secretary of human resources and the Director and other officials

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