375 Bangladeshi migrants return empty-handed in 24 hours
Photo collected from BRAC

At least 375 Bangladeshi migrant workers have returned home at empty-handed from different countries in last 24 hours on Thursday, according to BRAC officials.

BRAC migration programme has been extending emergency supports to the returnee migrant at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, they said.

 Being traumatized, those Bangladeshi migrants came back on Thursday from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya, Iraq, and South Africa, they said.

Many among them were subjected to abuse and fraud in different countries where they had gone in hopes of a better life.

Assistant director of the Expatriate Welfare Desk at HSIA Tanvir Hossain said that some of the returnee became victims of human trafficking.

Some of them lost their passports to brokers, abusive employers and some even landed in jail, he said.

After landing in the destinations, some workers did not get their jobs which were promised by their brokers, he said.

In BRAC migration group facebook,  its programme head Md Shariful Islam said that 375 Bangladeshi workers returned home in 24 hours on Thursday.

He said that the returnees were served with iftar at the airport and BRAC team helped them contact their families.

In 2018, the Sultanate of Oman deported over 18,100 undocumented Bangladeshi workers.

Bangladesh embassy labour counselor in Oman Sujaul Hoque informed the Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment and the Wage Earners’ Welfare Board that the undocumented workers were repatriated to Bangladesh with support from the embassy.

He also informed the authorities that the repatriated included 17,800 male workers and 309 female workers.

Most of the Bangladeshi workers became undocumented in Oman after they ran away from their workplaces due to enticement and under payment of wages.

Beside, Egypt also deported 246 undocumented Bangladeshi workers last year, says a report sent by the Bangladesh embassy in Cairo.


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