One in every 7 persons in Bangladesh be displaced by climate change

One in every seven persons in Bangladesh will be displaced by climate change, migration and climate change experts told a workshop on Monday.

Speaking at ‘Inception Workshop on Climate Change Induced Migration’ they said that the displacements by climate change became a major cause for concern for  Bangladesh as well as the world.

They asked the government to extend urban facilities in the rural areas to discourage migration to the cities.

The workshop was jointly organized at a convention centre in the capital by Bangladesh Centre for Advanced Studies, Centre for Climate Change and Environmental Research (C2ER) of BRAC University, International Centre for Climate Change and Development of Independent University and Refugee and Migratory Movements Research Units of Dhaka University

Around five lakh people migrate to the capital from rural Bangladesh annually, mostly  displaced by climate change impacts, they said.

These people are left with no choice but to live in the slums with no access to safe water, health and education facilities.  

 Speaking at inaugural session, BCAS executive director A Atiq Rahman, also a climate change expert, said that people were migrating from one place to another for short and long durations.

‘But climate change added intensity to the migration issue,’ he said.

Atiq Rahman demanded extending health, education, accommodation, transportation and other urban facilities in the rural areas.

‘We want Bangladesh and not particular areas to be fully urbanised,’ he said.

RMMRU founding chair and Dhaka University professor of political science Tasneem Siddiqui said that Bangladesh experienced migration in many forms with direct and indirect impacts on national priorities.

Referring to recent studies, she said that one in every seven persons in Bangladesh would be displaced by climate change.

British Council’s PROKAS team leader Gerry Fox expressed concern over growing displacements under the impact of climate change.

He said that the city authorities should ensure  health, education and housing facilities to the  climate change induced migrants.

Researcher Golam Rabbani in his powerPoint presentation called for developing migrant friendly cities in Bangladesh.

ICCCAD senior research coordinator Sarder Shafiqul Alam also spoke. 

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