GFMD Should Raise Issue to Maximize Migrants’ Economic Benefit
Photo: Mahjabeen Khaled

The 12th Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) summit going to be held in Quito, Ecuador on January 21-24 is expected to raise the issues to maximize migration’s economic benefits, facilitate legal channels for migrants, reduce barriers for employment and remittances, according to a Bangladesh government delegate.

Member of Bangladesh Parliamentarians’ Caucus on Migration and Development Mahjabeen Khaled expressed her hope that the 2020 GFMD would also raise issues to manage irregular migration flows; and protect migrants’ safety, especially in war zones or when migration reaches crisis levels, as it has this year.

This Year GFMD 2020, The Ecuadorian Chairmanship is focused on the central theme: “Sustainable approaches to human mobility: Upholding rights, strengthening state agency, and advancing development through partnerships and collective action.” Considering this the role of Bangladesh will be instrumental in the upcoming GFMD 2020, she said.

In a written statement ahead of the GFMD 2020, Mahjabeen Khaled, a former MP said that Bangladesh has been working hard to facilitate safe, orderly and regular migration worldwide under an effective and coherent governance structure.

“Migration is a multidimensional issue; it requires a comprehensive approach that also respects existing national laws and regulations.”

She asked the countries and nongovernmental organizations to remain vigilant against exploitation of migrants and keep up with rapidly changing geopolitical conditions, the international community should consider new partnerships.

“By addressing all of these concerns together, the international community can uphold the principle of shared prosperity through shared responsibility, which is at the heart of the GFMD 2020.”

Mahjabeen who is participating Ecuador GFMD, said that the time has come to set the world on a new path of constructive cooperation, instead of populists’ preferred path of destructive unilateralism. “We only need to recognize that migration benefits us all to maximize the gains and minimize the pain.”

She said that Migration has been a continuing imperative for us to engage all in seeking to broaden support for the GFMD.

She also said that Bangladesh reaffirmed the crucial and continuing role the civil society, parliamentary caucus and business community has to play a role in the implementation. “We believe many across the world share this approach. Our engagement in the UN in general, and in GFMD in particular, will also inspire by this conviction.”

With respect to the GCM, she said that GFMD would provide a safe space, in which the voices of critical stakeholders could be expressed, and consensus be formed. “With regard to the SDGs, GFMD 2020 will continue to deliver important findings at the interface of migration and development, a function that will benefit from a more systematic incorporation of the academia into the Forum.”

Through its thematic priorities which will be addressed through Roundtables, thematic and regional meetings, the 2020 GFMD will advance the policy discussions on migration and development while introducing innovative ways of working. To reach these ambitions, we have to closely cooperate with all GFMD stakeholders, and equally count on the support of GFMD participating States and all other stakeholders.

In 2016 GFMD, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina stated that “We must pledge and act to lift the migrants from misery and agony.”

The PM also said that migration is no longer about 'us' and 'them', it is about prosperity and well-being of all peoples and states. “So we need to ensure that each migrant moves and works in dignity and safety, that their rights are protected - in all situations, regardless of their status.”

Our tribute to the migrants around the world for the betterment of their lives while contributing in the development of their host communities and countries.

GFMD will focus on some of the challenging issues, like migrants in situations of crisis and conflicts, migration governance, diversity and harmony.

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