July 2, 2022

SHAH ALAM 31 JANUARI 2018. ANTARA warga asing yang ditahan dalam Ops Ikrar di Plaza Pasar Taman Sri Muda, Seksyen 25,. IHSAN IMIGRESEN

Seven Bangladeshis Detained in Malaysia

At least seven Bangladeshis among 31 undocumented foreign migrant workers were detained in raids at Shah Alam area in Malaysia on Wedneday.

The detainees were out of 105 foreigners who have been rounded up by the Malaysian Immigration Department in a three-hour operation at Plaza Sri Muda, Section 25, according to report of BERNAMA, Malaysian new agency.

Selangor Immigration Department director Omran Omar said the illegal immigrants who were detained in the operation, which began at 6 am and involved 77 Immigration personnel, comprised 18 men and 13 women, aged between 23 and 49.

“Seventeen of them are Indonesians, Bangladeshi (seven), Myanmar (three), India (two) , a Thai and a Filipino,”he said, adding that they were detained for not having valid travel documents, including for over-staying and abusing their social visit pass.

Omron said today’s operation was the second in three weeks and that the department would continue to conduct similar operations to rid off illegal immigrants in the state.

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