July 2, 2022

Thoughts of Bangladeshi Migrant Sabuj in Uae

Sabuj Miah, Bangladeshi migrant doing business in United Arab Emirates, has called upon the Bangladesh government for taking effective steps for solution of visa problems facing the prospect migrant workers of the country.

He said that due to visa problems for Bangladeshis, the business and workshops run by the Bangladeshis were forced to hire the foreign workers from other countries.

“My unrest appeal to the government of Bangladesh is to ensure recruitment of workers in legal channels,” he said, while giving an exclusive interview with migrationnewsbd.com on Sunday.

Sabuj who hailed from Uttar Sararchar, Bajitpur, Kishoreganj said that he has left the country for UAE in January 2010 and till continued working in Sharjah of the UAE.

He has already opened a business in Sharjah where he has been working with some other workers from Bangladesh and Pakistan.

On various occasion he used to visit Bangladesh and spent vacation with family members including parents, spouse and children.

Sabuj loves to work in UAE where law and order situation is in good condition.

“I am fine here in UAE. Nobody can do harms as law and order is very strict here,” he said, adding that Bangladeshis were in good condition working in the destination country.

‘Only problem is visa closure to Bangladeshis since 2012, he said.

About his family, he informed that his younger brother Sajal Miah who was also with him has been living in UAE.

Sajal Miah enhancing skill in wielding trade had left Bangladesh in 2005 for the oil rich Gulf State and has been earning good amount of money with his skills.

The two brothers have been working in the UAE for betterment of their lives as well as family members.

They have continued sending valued remittances to Bangladesh and also contributing to the national economy.

Sajal and Sabuj have built a three-storied building at his village home where their parents and another younger brother Ujjal Miah live.

Their appeal to the Bangladesh government is to stop corruption and harassment of migrants in Dhaka airport. They also urged the government of Bangladesh to ensure their security and uninterrupted electricity at home.

Like the two siblings, over 23 lakh Bangladeshi migrant workers got jobs in UAE since 1976, according to Bureau of Manpower, Employment and Training.

UAE has become the second largest destination for Bangladeshis with 22 per cent of the country’s migrants, BMET data show.

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