July 2, 2022

Saudi deputy minister Adnan Abdullah Alnuaim has said his government is working to ensure the protection of Bangladeshi migrants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Alnuaim, deputy minister of Customer Relations of the ministry of labour and social development, said this during a bilateral meeting with expatriates’ welfarea and overseas employment minister Nurul Islam B.Sc. at the expat minister’s office at Probashi Kallyan Bhaban on Sunday.

Among others, expat ministry secretary Begum Shamsun Nahar and additional secretary Jabed Ahmed were present.

During the meeting, the problems of Bangladeshi migrants were discussed.

Issues including delay in issuing visas, visa trading and compensation for the families of dead migrants came up in the discussion.

The Bangladesh expat minister thaned the Saudi government for recruiting many Bangladeshi workers.

Nurul Islam also requested the deputy minister to recruit more skilled workers from Bangladesh.

Adnan Abdullah Alnuaim said that his government is working to solve the problems the Bangladeshi workers face in the oil rich country.

He mentioned the Saudi government has established guest houses at different areas for the protection of migrants in the Gulf nation.

If a migrant in Saudi falls in trouble, he or she can stay at guest houses, Alnuaim added.

Later, the problem of migrant will be settled through discussion with the employers, he said.

The Saudi minister said the visa trading has to be stopped to lower migration cost. Stern actions would be taken if any Saudi national is found engaged in visa trading, he assured.

Adnan Abdullah Alnuaim also assured that his government would take quick actions to send back dead bodies of migrants, and to ensure quick payment of compensation to the relatives of dead migrants.

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