March 29, 2023


WARBE Development Foundation, Dhaka with support of PROKAS, British Council organizes online Consultation on Protecting Migrant Workers’ Rights for Social and Economic Advancement on the Occasion of International Workers’ Day (May Day)

Syed Saiful Haque, Chairman, WARBE DF said that “On the occasion of International Worker’s Day 2021, WARBE Development Foundation like previous years has taken initiative to celebrate the power of unity. The objective of our discussion with Parliamentarians, Government authorities, Trade Union -CSO representatives, and Migrant Workers and relevant is to reinstate our rightful demands of protecting migrant workers’ rights.”

Parliamentarians, civil society leaders, migrant rights activists and returnee migrants will take part in the online consultation that will start at 11am on Saturday.

May Day means 1st May of every year, which is recognized as the International Workers’ Day in most countries. This day is celebrated all over the world as a government holiday. This day is observed  in  memory  of  the  workers  who  laid  down  their  lives  for  the  interest  of  the  workers in Chicago in May 1886. All the privileges workers enjoy the day such as a minimum wage,  safety  laws  and  an  eight-hour  workday  were  the  outcome  of  the  sacrifices  of  the  workers  on  May  3,  1886.

On  this  particular  day  authorities  fired  a  group  of  strikers  at  the  McCormick   Harvest   Machine   firm,   Chicago   murdering   at   least   one   striker,   severely   traumatized five or even six others and injuring an unknown number.

From the beginning of the  Industrial  Revolution  researchers  were  made  to  do  the  job  very  long  changes,  lasting  around fourteen and on occasion more hours each day. The sacrifice made by the workers of the city of Chicago is remembered every year all over the world on the 1st of May. But it is not only  a  day  of  remembrance  of  the  martyred  workers  but  also  a  day  of  inspiration  of  being  united  for  the  realization  of  their  legitimate  demands.

On  this  day  they  renew  their  vow  to  fight  against  oppression  and  for  human  rights.  In  Bangladesh,  all  labor  rights  organizations  and unions will observe the day. It is the day when workers who remain ignored throughout the  year  gets  some  attention.  While  the  day  is  observed  in  Bangladesh  with  much  festivity,  the  labor  laws  and  acts  of  the  nation  does  not  reflect  the  spirit  of  this  historic  day.

In  2006, Bangladesh government has enacted the Labor Act, 2006. Though this Act is expected to play an  important  role  in  securing  workers’  rights  in  Bangladesh,  it  does  not  include  labor  in  all  sectors.The objective of the initiative to ensure the realization of workers’ dignity and rights to justice and  freedom  by  strengthening  civil  society  and  empowering  communities,  by  building  their  capacity, making allies with stakeholders and advocating for labor migrants’ rights at all levels of  the  intervention  in  Bangladesh.

An  informative  dialogue  in  some  extent  can  make  a  large  number of strategic impacts in protection and prevention of rights violation.  BackgroundLabor law is the source of labor rights. Workers are the right holders of these rights and can assert  them  as  claims  towards  their  employer.

These  rights  have  been  obtained  by  the  workers’  movements:  they  have  truly  ‘transformed’  the  world  of  work  by  defining  these  rights in legal texts, to ensure that work is not a commodity and that workers are not treated as  tools.

As  part  of  WARBE  Development  Foundation’s  advocacy  for  integrity  in  labor  rights,  it  organized  a  huge  number  dialogue  and  advocacy  program  to  bring  together   relevant   stakeholders and experts to discuss on transparency, accountability and   social movement for ensuring the rights and justice of labor rights.

The purpose was to generate informed debates around  these  issues  and  identify  concrete  directions  for  sustained  advocacy  for  effective  change  in  the  context  of  labor  rights.  Consistent  with  its  mandate  and  as  a  follow  up  of theinitiative  and  recognizing  the  significance  of  sustained  engagement  in  this  context,  WARBE Development  Foundation  is  planning  to  organize  ‘the  participatory  Consultation  on  the  observance of the International Workers Day 2021’ virtually on May 01, 2021.

The objective of the initiative is to bring together experts, policy makers and practitioners on protection of labor rights and beyond to analyze and exchange ideas on issues specific to the area. Specific Objectives to Identify the practical challenges for ensuring the migrants rights;  to explore the potential scope, ways and means of national efforts to meet the pledge to leave no one behind, contained in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development;  To Share  knowledge  and  best  practices  in  protection  and  prevention  of  rights  violationamong the participants;

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