Bangladesh-Saudi Agree to Protect Interest of Domestic Workers
Photo: Press Wing

Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia authorities have agreed to protect interest of the Bangladeshi domestic workers who were employed in the Kingdom.

The Saudi government has assured a visiting Bangladesh team that it would address the issues facing Bangladeshi workers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi deputy labour ministry minister Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah Al-Ammar who led his country’s side at a meeting in Riyadh Wednesday gave the assurance to the visiting Bangladesh team led by overseas employment ministry secretary Nomita Halder.

Bangladesh embassy labour councilor in Riyadh Sarwar Alam informed that at the Joint Technical Committee meeting the two sides elaborate discussions relating to Bangladeshi workers’ working conditions including their safety and security in the KSA.

He said that Bangladesh officials raised the problems faced particularly by Bangladeshi housemaids.

The two sides discussed how to solve the problems facing the workers from Bangladesh.

The issues of payment of wages on regular basis and permitting the housemaids to speak to their families back home over telephone were also discussed, he said.

The issue of the housemaids getting necessary assistance and support at emergency situations was also discussed, he said.

The visiting side requested the Saudi team to see to it that the bodies of Bangladeshi workers could be sent home speedily.

Both the sides agreed to take steps to stop job visa trading, said Bangladesh officials who took part in the discussions.

The two sides also agreed to bring changes in the Standard Employment Contract format for  the recruitment of housemaids from Bangladesh to make it easier to speedily send back home anyone falling sick or get into difficult situations.

The Saudi side agreed to open a technical centre in Bangladesh to train Bangladeshi workers to meet the demand for skilled workers in the KSA, said officials.

The Saudi side also agreed to recruit more skilled workers from Bangladesh, they said.

The Saudi side expressed interest in recruiting from Bangladesh IT experts, engineers, accountants, bankers and other professionals, they said.

The meeting was attended by Bangladesh Ambassador Golam Moshi, BMET director general Salim Reza and additional secretary Aminul Islam among others.

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