Nobody Heeds Woman Migrant’s Cry for Relief from Harassment in KSA
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Bangladeshi female migrant Mosammat Rupa had left for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a housemaid job on February 2017 aimed at supporting her family back home.

The dream of victim was shattered as Rupa, also wife of Mozammel Haque of Pindira village under Badalgachi upazila of Naogoan district could not find good place to work in the Kingdom.

She has been desperately trying to return home since last 14 months but failed to get relief from harassment, physical and sexual abuse of employer.

Though her husband provided Tk 2 lakh to the recruiting agency as condition for bringing his wife back home but repatriation of Rupa has not been possible till now due to negligence of the recruiting agency and concerned government department.

In April, 2017 Bureau of Manpower Employment and Training received the complaints from Mozammel Haque that his wife Rupa was facing problems of extra duty, overtime without pay, irregular salary, physical harassment and sexual abuse.

BMET has not made any visible progress by this time to repatriate the victim from Saudi Arabia, said family members.

Mozammel told that recruiting agency M/S.Shandhani overseas ltd sent his wife to Najran area in Saudi Arab in February 2017. Within 41 days, Rupa called him to say that the employer began torturing and sexually abusing.

 ‘Anyhow take me back home,’ she told her husband.

Mozammel Haque immediately contacted recruiting agency M/S.Shandhani overseas, which demanded for Tk two lakh for her return.  By selling lands, Mozammel provided Tk 2 lakh to the agency which could not bring Rupa from Saudi Arabia.

When contacted over telephone, Rupa told that she was taking in heavy stress as she had to work over 20 hours daily at four houses of the employer family of two dozens of adults and children.

Besides, she has already been sick as her employer tortured her severely. In crying mood, Rupa appealed to the authorities concerned to back her home anyhow.

On complaint, BMET has prepared a probe report after arbitration hearing with presence of plaintiff and accused over the allegations, said BMET officials.

They mentioned that Mozammel provided Tk two lakh to recruiting agency. Two investigators also talked to Rupa over phone when she cried for returning back home as she was facing oppressions there, they said.

The BMET arbitration opined that Rupa should be urgently brought back home with help of Bangladesh consulate general office in Jeddah.

When asked about punishment of recruiting agency, BMET assistant director and also investigation officer Silvi Yesmin said that BMET logged the license of agency M/S.Shandhani overseas.

When asked for comment, migrant rights campaigner and WARBE Development Foundation secretary general Faruque Ahmed said that the government should have to take responsibility to immediately rescue migrant worker from employer home.

He also demanded the exemplary punishment for the concerned recruiting agency for showing negligence to the poor migrant worker and harassing the victim family members.

Faruque, also a returned migrant, said that the government must realize the Tk 2 lakh from the accused recruiting agency. 

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