Undoc B’deshis Asked to Take Legalization Opportunity in Malaysia
Photo: Migration News

Bangladeshi workers in Malaysia can take the opportunities of legalisation process as the government of the host country has declared its undocumented migrants’ rehiring program to end on June 30.

Bangladesh High Commission in Kuala Lumpur in a statement on Thursday said biometric registration process for the undocumented workers (registered before December 31, 2017) will continue until June 30.

Bangladesh Labour Attaché in Kuala Lumpur Farid Ahmed informed that it was the chance only for the registered Bangladeshi workers who had completed registration last year.

The undocumented workers who did not registered themselves under Rehiring program or stayed still undocumented could be able to return home paying fine at immigration within July 31 under 3+1 program, said the high Commission.

Officials, however, could not say how many undocumented Bangladeshis were currently staying in the country.

At least 3,403 Bangladeshi workers, who became undocumented, were detained by the Malaysian immigration police since January 1, according to Malaysian national news agency BERNAMA.

Some 4,82,535 other Bangladeshi workers got themselves registered under Malaysia’s Rehiring Programme, the news said.

Malaysia based human rights group North South Initiative’s director Adrian Pereira said that Bangladeshi workers have contributed immensely to the development of Malaysia.

‘Unfortunately both governments of origin and destination countries have failed to give them due protection. This needs to be changed urgently,’ he said.

Malaysian Home Affairs Ministry issued a statement on Thursday saying that the recruitment and relacement of illegal foreign workers program, also called the rehiring program for illegal foreign workers, carried out by the immigration department of Malaysia, which was started on February 2016 will end on June 2018.

Via the Rehiring Program, illegal foreign workers were given valid work permits for approved sections including manufacturing, construction, plantation, agriculture and service sectors.

From the period of 15 February 2016 to 28 May 2018, a total of 744942 illegal foreign workers and 83,919 employers registered under this Rehiring Program.

After this date, no extensions will be allowed. The public and employers can deal directly with immigration department of Malaysia for service related to the recruitment of foreign workers.

Besides that the voluntary amnesty program also known as 3+1 will continue until August 30, 2018 to ensure illegal foreign workers who do not qualify for rehiring program get to go home voluntarily .

After 30 June 2018, the Immigration Department of Malaysia will conduct enforcement operation raids to catch illegal foreign workers and employers who were stubborn and do not take the opportunities to hire foreign workers legally via the Rehiring Program.


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